Supreme X Louis Vuitton

Supreme X Louis Vuitton is happening.

Are high fashion and streetwear now one and the same? Probably yes.
“No NY men’s conversation is complete without Supreme” – Kim Jones.

This is possibly going to be the most hyped collaboration in history of fashion.

By now, you probably have a number of items picked out from the much-anticipated Supreme X Louis Vuitton collaboration. One of the more coveted pieces is no doubt the signature Louis Vuitton trunk, done up in red and adorned with both LV and Supreme branding.

But just how much will Green Youth Jersey this luxury item cost you? Well, the information we’ve seen is rumored, but it’s looking like the trunk will cost you only $68,500 USD. That price more than doubles in comparison to Louis Vuitton’s regular in-house trunks.

Skateboard & Accessories:
Meanwhile, the skateboard carrier (skateboard & accessories) will run you $54,500 USD.

Our favourites:

Rumored pricelist:

Start saving, as the Supreme X .site-title a, Louis Vuitton collection is gossiped to drop on July 17 at select Louis Vuitton stores, as well as from temporary retail locations.

And till then, we’ve got our own special Sup X LV Bag.


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Photographer: Flo Moshammer / FEO